One thing I like about being away from home is being able to visit new sources for containers. Thrift store are still a big favorite, as well as different art galleries and craft shops. I spotted this vase in a Goodwill store, a handmade piece(with a small seal signature one the bottom) with a great red iron oxide glaze. Even better was the price, a $5.25 bargain. The floral material was a little difficult, I searched several stores to find they all had dyed carnations and chrysanthemums, and spray painted hydrangeas. Not my cup of tea, so I turned to the remaining materials I had on hand and made them work. A monstera leaf was manipulated with the help of the thorns from the hawthorne berries, they work better than wire and I feel better about using natural materials.The hawthorne thorns also did the trick for keeping the orange berries in place, the berries are actually the seed from inside fresh Japanese lantern pods(how cool is that?). Together it made for a great horizontal ikebana arrangement, and I am loving today’s work. For me it was a great way to bring some needed energy and creativity to my week.

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