My busy vacation day included looking for flowers, no flower shop nearby so I had to resort to the grocery store. I kept telling myself that it is a challenge and that ultimately I should be able to produce ikebana with any material. I chose the football chrysanthemums for color, seasonal relatabilty and the fact that they were the best items to be found at the grocery store. My ikebana for today is a moribana made with only one material, the chrysanthemums, but in two colors. Using one material is a great Sogetsu lesson, it can be a challenge but one that does let you understand the materials and learn to use them in different ways. I find it a bit easier with leaves, since they can be shaped and bent and altered in so many ways and look different. It is quite different with flowers, their properites remain much the same and it takes some thought and creativity to come up with different looks. The possibilities really are endless.

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