365 Days of Ikebana-Day 104

The first part of my post today is about the stem of foliage seen above, it was the mystery foliage in the grocery store bouquet yesterday. Does anybody recognize this foliage? It’s very tender, and weirdly alomst plastic. On first glance (and second and third glance) it almost looks like a plastic piece of foliage from any cheap floral department in a discount store. The leaves are dark green on top and the underside is almost black. The stem doesn’t seem to be woody, and the leaves are very oval in shape. Any ideas on what it may be?

Now to my fairly simple piece for today. I did want to make it somewhat easy since I had a lot of things to do on my last full day on vacation(and a lot of packing also). I got some eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s and combined it with the red rose from yesterday’s bouquet and also used the hawthorne berries from earlier in the week. Using the color of the container is the lesson I used to do today’s arrangement. The green and red of the glaze works so well with the dark green eucalyptus and red rose and hawthorn berries. There is also mass and curved lines in this design also. It’s not bad for today, I love this vase and want to see what else I can do with it. Good color for a Christmas ikebana arrangement. I need to gather my thoughts on some holiday work to show here and get some preparation done to make it interesing and inspiring.

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  1. It could be, it has that look. I was thinking too hard about cut floral material and didn’t think about materials you mainly see as plants. Thanks!!

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