365 Days of Ikebana-Day 118

One of the lessons in the old Sogetsu textbook inspired me today, using wood without a container. It’s mean to be more of a sculptural design lesson, and stresses making the piece stand on it’s own. I had a few scrap pieces of curly willow that I have been saving for a while, perfect oppportunity to use them. I only used the bigger pieces that I had, I wanted to keep it simple instead of trying too hard. My biggest fear was adding too much and making a mess out of it. To add a little interest and color I added orange paint to a section of one of the branches. It’s an interesting lesson, one I will repeat again. I liked the result and I know I can take it further, maybe next time with wome mossy branches or white birch.

One thought on “365 Days of Ikebana-Day 118

  1. I like the orange part. I like this arrangement as it looks like something living that will walk away any minute. I look forward to viewing your pieces every day. I am a floral designer, and enjoy your blog very much.

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