365 Days of Ikebana-Day 23

Again I was drawn into manipulating the equisetum, I had vowed to move onto something else this week but the enticement was still there. I tried a different technique of making a “fence” of five stems of tall equisetum, something that I had not tried before. It wasn’t hard to do, but still took a lot of time and stem wiring. Each stem has to have a legnth of wire in it and to make the “fence” you have to insert a wire vertically through the row of equisetum in multiple places. Not bad for a first try, so I came up with this arrangement:

Later I thought I about that first effort, and wished I had added some floral elements to complete it. So I returned to the studio and it’s heat.

Adding the orange cockscomb and a single yellow craspedia made the ikebana arrangement more vibrant and full of life.

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