365 Days of Ikebana-Day 247

Here is something for the first day of spring, I’ll call it ikebana even though I know it’s more in the flower arrangement category. My partner Frederick bought me this small mid-century log novelty container and really wanted me to do something with it for him. It’s small and was probably orginally used as a planter or small floral container. I didn’t use a kenzan, instead I used rocks to hold the flowers in place. Some muscari, rosemary, peach quince, and gypsophila were the right size materials for this tiny piece( I really had to seach for the right size materials, so many of the blooming flowers are so large in relation to the container). I did use the rest of the day to reflect on what direction to take with my ikebana. I’ve felt a bit stuck the past few days, and now I relly feel the need for some inspiration to get me moving and get some real creativity going.

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