365 Days of Ikebana-Day 27

This has been the most difficult day so far, I ran out of steam and energy after a long day. It has really mad me realize what a difficult project I’ve begun, and how much momentum and dedication I need to keep it going. My hope was that a small power nap would revive me and help me create, but with less time and fading sunlight to work and shoot photos I began to doubt that. I hurriedly went out and picked some crabapples and came back into the studio with them, found some colored toothpicks and began to make an armature much like a Tinkertoy sculpture. A couple of ceramic bowls were placed on on top of the other and I positioned the “sculpture” and added a single orange zinnia. I’d like to try doing this again with more time, better light and some time to do better photos. For today I’m happy I gathered up enough energy to get it done!

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