This piece is a true balancing act, the pencil heliconias playing together one firmly in place, and the other just holding on held by a bit of dried palm. It much like building a house of cards sometimes, perhaps the precarious placing of flowers is a big part of the thrill. These arrangements often fall, and fall, and fall again until I find a way to get it to work if only for a few minutes. It’s work and play all rolled into one.

Tonight was the opening for Artomatic 2012 so my partner Frederick Nunley and I headed over to Crystal City to be there to show our work. There were lots of people for opening night, and tons of art to see. So far we’ve only been able to see the first two floors (and there is so much to go back and get a longer look at).Several friends have work on the upper floors and we want to go back and see their work and attempt to take in this collosal art show. It’s great to see other types of work, glean inspiration for future work, and experience art as a community.

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