365 Days of Ikebana-Day 40

Using beach/bay front materials

My inspiration for today was the bay/beach, maybe it’s seeing it every day on the retreat or the impending winds/rain of hurricane Irene that influenced me. I wanted something with a very beachy feel and some lightness to it. The pampas grass (courtesy of Juanita’s yard) gives a bright and airy feeling, and the barnacle covered piece of driftwood from the bay grounds it some while also giving it some added movement. I covered the kenzan with some odd green thistle I found on the shore, and it was a great find. We’re stocked up for the storm to come tomorrow and hoping to have power. We’re not really sure what to expect since we are only here for our retreat and haven’t experienced a big storm like this close to the water.We thought we might go home, but decided that it would be much better to spend our time here instead of being cooped up in a city apartment. It’s still sunny and beautiful here today and I want to go back out and walk and collect some more materials to work with while we’re stuck indoors this weekend. I may have some photos of the storm to post later on!

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