365 Days of Ikebana-Day 41

My focus has been on getting things prepped for the hurricane, so I thought I had enough time to get up today and gather some last minute floral materials before the storm began at noon. Wrong! It was already windy when we got up and began to rain shortly afterwards. Now it’s been really windy and rainy for hours and the main even is still on the way, due to be at the peak between 8PM tonight and 8AM tomorrow morning. So I’ve been busy securing some last items that needed to be brought in from the winds. I did this quick ikebana out of some left over materials I had on hand. Not my best work, but something to carry my project onward. I may try another one later today after I get myself in a better state. The power has gone off and back on about 10 times already and fear that later on it will go off for a while. So I am posting while I still have power to run my laptop. Now to sit back and try to enjoy the evening as much as possible under these conditions.

*Edited:Now I have taken the time to make another version of the first arrangement. Just enough natural light left in the day to photograph it, and we still have power! I may have to do a horizontal version too.

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