365 Days of Ikebana-Day 44


Some days it’s difficult to come up with the right idea for an arrangement and the materials play a big part in that process. I had no idea what to use today and wanted something a bit different. A different direction, or some big change was needed from the last several days so it required some thought. I spent a lot of the day running around trying to catch up on the tasks that had been piling up for me to do, so my mind was occupied with errands. We did need some things from the Tuesday evening farmer’s market here in Brookland and that provided the perfect opportunity to pick up some materials to do a “Morimono” arrangement. A Morimono is an ikebana arrangement in which fruit and/or vegetables are combined with plant material. It usually contains some type of root or root vegetable and it can be displayed on a tray, a base plate, a cloth or even a large leaf (I’ve used a bamboo mat for mine). Morimono is usually arranged to honor happy occasions as the arrangement of roots, leaves and fruits and vegetables is symbolically associated with prosperity. For the root vegetable I used a red onion and garlic, a watermelon provided a large mass and I added some red and green peppers, seckel pears, small yellow tomatoes and an aspidistra leaf. Morimono is definately on my list to do again this fall.

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