365 Days of ikebana-Day 54

At last the heavy rain has ended, and the sun came out this afternoon. It’s been along week of rain (some places in this area have received 10-15″ of rain this week) and now I can get out to find some things to make arrangements with. I did this simple leaf manipulation by cutting circles of different sizes in the aspidistra leaf with a knife. Easy to do, but I want to explore it further. I did learn a lot by doing it today and got a decent design out of it. My wish is to get more creative so I picked up my “new to me” copy of Creative Flower Arranging by Betty Belcher and started reading the chapter on developing creativity. In it she mentioned the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. My partner has that book so I got it and started reading that. It serves a two part purpose: learning to draw and leafning to see things more creatively. They’re both things I want to do and I am hopeint taht I can start drawing my ideas and learn to develp them

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