365 Days of Ikebana-Day 55

My idea for today’s arrangement was using only items I could find on a neighborhood walk, and I thought it would be easy. Living in the city I often find discarded items that could be used for some interesing ikebana and I was on the hunt. So Frederick and I went for our walk and I spotted lots of floral materials for future arrangements, a few things (including some osage-oranges that Frederick found) that could be used today but no unconventional materials. Finally almost home from the walk we spied a great shaped tequila bottle on the ground and I was thrilled. The osage-orange (or horse apple) is a wonderful material, and I hung it in clumps on the opening of the bottle. I tried several of the other materials we found but none really worked very well. I chose some pink sedum from the garden and some colored white kiwi branch I had in the studio. After some adjustments I thought it needed some balance and I added the colored white trifoliate orange branch. I did my photos and was satisfied with the work. I did lament the fact that I am not sketching enough, but in this case it started with objects previously unknown to me and I made it work. Sometimes it just has to be spontaneous.

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