Garden Gleanings

Hellebores, ligustrum berries, sedums and winter blooming cherry

Another day of working with materials gleaned from the garden. It is an attempt to try to be more conscious about using seasonal, locally and sustainably grown materials. This is one of my resolutions for this year and beyond and has been greatly inspired by the book “The 50 Mile Bouquet”. It was a Christmas gift from my partner Frederick, and so far it has been very inspirational to me. Yes, the multitude of store bought blooms from all over the world still catches my eye, but now I am more apt to think about how they are grown and how far they have traveled. My winter garden materials may be a bit boring and limited, but at least I know they were grown without the use of chemicals.

3 thoughts on “Garden Gleanings

  1. Happy to see you back sharing some of your creative arrangements. Oh what fun to cut branches and watch the buds pop open. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kate, I am posting slowly but not quite everyday. It is something to work on, and maybe the branches will inspire new work!

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