365 Days of Ikebana-Day 26

Another try at manipulating leaves, this time with monstera leaves and a differeent technique for the equisetum. The monstera leaves I cut into “squares” to try to give them a different look and feel, the equisetum was curled at one end to given them an interesting look (almost like fern curls). Manipulating leaves is getting a bit easier to do, perhaps I’m thinking about the process more and becoming a bit more creative with each new idea. That’s what this 365 project is all about anyway.

9 thoughts on “365 Days of Ikebana-Day 26

  1. Looks great, fiddle heads on ferns are very stylish but they are also completely seasonal. It’s nice to see you can make a facsimile with ready materials from the garden. All that after a busy day, congratulations.

  2. My top pick for vases would be http://www.kaki4u.com. they can be a bit pricey, so eBay is another excellent resource and also etsy.com. Etsy items have a set price and you can find some great vintage and handmade items for sale!

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