365 Days of Ikebana-Day 131

My practice today was doing a cascading arrangement, and I did practice and practice. Not quite what I wanted, but I kept thinking about what pratice really is. It’s being willing to practice, even when you seem to be getting no where. One of the best books to read about pratice is Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard. Leonard is an Aikido instructor in Northern California who writes about the process of mastery(of any art form, sport or pursuit) and what it requires in pratice, understanding and pure perseverance. It’s a book I go back to often and read, especially when I feel like the work isn’t getting better, and I am reminded that we don’t grow by leaps and bounds but rather by small steps. One after another, one at a time.

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Ikebana-Day 131

  1. Nadine says:

    I actually love this piece. I like the way the lime green plays off the red and the soft color of the vase. I find the arrangement very striking.
    The small steps taken to master something are like snowflakes gathering on a tree branch. How much does a snow flake weigh? Next to nothing. One snowflake does not seem powerful enough to do anything. But you take all those little snowflakes, one after another and soon the combined weight of them is powerful enough to snap off a heavy limb of a tree. So it is with practice. The combined effort accomplishes the goal.
    You are welcome Grasshopper! (Ha!)

  2. Molly Cherian says:

    Beautiful. Did you use Soegi( vertical bar)

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