365 Days of Ikebana-Day 139

This holiday inspired arrangement began with with the phalaenopsis orchids that I used last night, I wanted to make another ikebana arrangement with the white one instead. With the white I also wanted to bring in some traditional red and green Christmas colors. The green glass vase is gorgeous, but it’s hard to use. It’s great for a bunch of flowers, but it has a narrow shape and opening that make it a bit tricky to design with. It’s the right shade of green and I needed that strong Christmas green color so I gave it a try. The only real red I had on hand was a colored red branch, so I grabbed that and some pine cones and a touch of pine to give it more interest. For me it can be difficult sometimes to separate tradional western Christmas arrangements and Japanese Ikebana Christmas arrangements, so I need to really work this month to experiment some and really come up with some different holiday designs. Hopefully I am off to a good start.

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