365 Days of Ikebana-Day 246

Once again I thought I wanted to try working with some gypsophila, a material that I still don’t quite understand. It’s an unruly puff of tiny white blooms that I keep trying to use in a pleasing way. maybe it’s that I need to just keep at it until I “get it” . That’s probably the best way to get to know the possibilities on any material, to just try using it over and over again until that light bulb moment occurs and you get that idea you’ve been search for. For now this is my best effort of the day.

Yesterday Frederick and I did get a chance to go down to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms. This is the 100th Anniversary of the gift of these incredibly beautiful trees from Japan. Who could have know that these graceful trees would over time become such a cherished treasure for our city.

2 thoughts on “365 Days of Ikebana-Day 246

  1. Christopher James says:

    Dear Keith,
    greetings from Oz (Australia) I discovered your blog about a week ago and am so impressed with your project/challenge of an arrangement a day. I am struggling to make a blog entry each week. I started a blog when I was in Japan last Spring to study at the Sogetsu Headquarters, and have found continuing it really hard but a good discipline.

    Gypsophyllia is a challenge. (Please don’t be offended by the suggestion but, it might be easier to make it deliberately more asymmetrical.)
    Best wishes,

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Christopher, I’m glad you’ve discovered my blog and I am looking forward to reading more of yours. Thanks for the suggestion about the gypsophila, I’m not offended at all. Somr ikebana arrangements are hits and some are misses, and I generally learn a lot more from the misses. Best Wishes to you and Happy Autumn! Keith

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