365 Days of Ikebana-Day 359

Short and sweet is my ikebana for day, allium and a squash leaf gleaned from the vegetable garden. For today it works, but I need to find some flowers. Maybe tomorrow I will venture out and go down by the lake to see what I can find. I did find some great apple branches to use, the remanants of my Dad’s apple tree that was cut down to make room for a paved road. My family has lived here for five generations on a one lane dirt road, and now it is being widened in preparation for the pavement to go down making it a state road. The loss of amny trees has been a big shock to see, and made me a bit heartsick. The family wants it to be easier to get out during the snowy winters here, and I guess the progress makes sense for them. I miss the trees. At least I managed to grab a piece of what was cast aside to make something. Look for it in a few days here.