365 Days of Ikebana-Day 49

A small version today of the arrangement I wanted to do. You know that thing that is always in the way (in this case a roll of red electrical wire that has been in the studio forever) and you know that someday you’re going to use it? It’s always there and you keep it in one place and it always seems to be in the way and is begging for you to do something with it. Today I went to get it and…………..it was nowhere to be found. I turned the studio upside down, and know it is hiding there somewhere. But all I could find was a small piece, oddly one I had not cut off the roll and I have no idea how it found it’s way onto the shelf where I found it. I’m sure when I no longer want to find it that it will reappear. So I thought I would just go with the small piece I found today and make a smallish version of my original idea. I added some dried yellow craspedia and some Calder-like wire work and came up with this. For today it works, but I still want to find that roll of wire.