Dancing Into Spring

hana dome tulips

A step in the right direction with one of my favorite springtime flowers, tulips! This is one of the arrangements I did during my demonstration of ikebana last month for the wonderful ladies of the Calvert Garden Club. I used one of my Hana dome constructions made of cherry and two low triangle containers in white and brown with a mass of hot pink parrot tulips. The mass of tulips created a nice flow of texture and color, and later began their dance toward the sun.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Into Spring

  1. Lennart Persson says:

    Nice. Your arrangement makes me think of the word Moribana, meaning “piled up flowers”. These rally are piled up in the stacked containers. The red paint gives a nice contrast between natural and abstract.

  2. Keith says:

    You’re right Lennart, this does fit the literal definition of moribana. It is truly a “piled up” arrangement of flowers!

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