Hanakubari with Anthurium, Willow and Dried Strelitzia Leaf

Hana kubari with willow, anthurium and dried strelitzia leaf

I love building structures, and this one was quick and easy to make. Hanakubari is the technique of building fixtures with natural materials to support flowers without wire, nails, or screws. But more important is the fact that it is meant to be part of the design, not hidden like a kenzan or kubari fixture in traditional ikebana. For this particular piece I used mostly “Y” shaped pieces of willow, all held together with some light tension. Strong tension in this ceramic container, and the swelling of wooden stems could cause too much stress on the vessel and cause it to crack or break. There is just enough tension joining it will to form a Hanakubari that is interesting and secure for stems.

Hana kubari side view