Nature Inspired Bouquet

woodland1Woodland3nature inspired bouquet

As promised, another bouquet that was nature inspired. Actually the materials are gathered from the woods around my parents home in the mountains in the western part of Virginia. I found so many little mosses and lichens,their growth aided by an usually cool and wet summer, and it was a pure delight. Little pieces of treasure all around, slowly revealing small gems of color and texture. Lovely red begonia blooms grown by my mother, they were such a joy to use. She was thrilled that I used them and I cut pieces of them to take home and start my own plants (which made her so happy). The strange coincidence was that I had brought her rooted cuttings of my periennial begonias from my garden to transplant into hers. Delicate lichens and mosses were used to cover the underside of the bouquet, and I wrapped the handle with the soft leaves of lamb’s ear. The experience of searching for enough material to make this was interesting, I really kept my eyes wide open and used things I might not otherwise think of. At some point there will be another bouquet, and yes I will also be posting new ikebana for all to see!

3 thoughts on “Nature Inspired Bouquet

  1. Frederick says:

    This bouquet is so deliciously woodsy. Great job!

  2. Kate says:

    Oh, so pretty! Love the lamb’s ear wrapped handle and use of the mosses and lichens in this arrangement. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Keith says:

    I used Oasis cold glue in a tube, apply and leave for at least 30 seconds until it becomes tacky. then I applied my various mosses and lichens in small bits. Hope this helps!

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